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We have one female puppy available to a show or pet home ...


Caper (L) and Cajen (R) in August 2010

Hello and Welcome to the online home of Onyxgold Registered rottweilers.  We are a small hobby 'kennel' located approximately 40 minutes north of Edmonton.



Updated: September 29, 2015









   Cajen (L / laying down) and daughter Dealer (R) in August 2010

All of our dogs are first and foremost our indoor pets and companions, as well as 'helpers' around the farm, and show dogs and ambassadors for the breed.  Our dogs have attended the Edmonton Pet Expo show for several consecutive years as breed ambassadors and demo dogs for dog bite prevention seminars and always do such a wonderful job.  We are proud of the temperament and versatility of our dogs and are always happy to discuss them.  Temperament and health are our number one goals as well as producing competitive show dogs and wonderful stable family companions.


The Girls, April 2010 ....

We are thrilled to give our dogs the opportunity to have a large 160 acre farm for their exercise enjoyment.  We have approximately a 10 acre piece surrounding the yard site which is fully fenced, as well as have another 150 acres of unfenced property that is theirs to explore under supervision.  Our dogs do not lack the space to exercise to their fullest, and love running with the quad or swimming in the dug out in the summer.



We are proudly the home of Multi Best in Show winning rottweilers who have exceeded our wildest dreams in the conformation ring.  We are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club.

We do not have litters very frequently and our goal is to produce healthy, stable representatives of the breed which adhere to the breed standard set forth by the Canadian Kennel Club.  That being said, our personal preference is a rottweiler that is a fairly substantial representative of the breed.  All of our breedings are carefully planned to create a dog that falls within breed standard however also with the goal in mind to create puppies of good bone, good color, great temperament, and great movement.   As always we simply couldn't do it without the support of the wonderful homes and friends who have a puppy from us.  We are always thrilled to hear and see updates and photos of the puppies that we have produced in the past and the lasting friendships we have with those who have our puppies.

If you have any questions about this wonderful breed or the dogs we have produced, please do not hesitate to contact us for information.  Please note that unfortunately I cannot return long distance calls.  I also do work full time so the best time to contact is certainly in the evenings.  Please take some time to visit our dogs and see some of their accomplishments.  We are exceedingly proud of all of them!! Please take some  as well to visit our up and coming prospects.  We travel to shows throughout western Ca
nada and occasionally into the United states. 

Thanks for visiting!!


email us at petershe@xplornet.com


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