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JULY 2015

Happy 8th birthday to Chili & all her littermates from our second Jenna x Caemon litter!!  

We have PUPPIES on the way......please visit our Breedings page for more information

Sterling passes some important health testing.....please visit his OFA page in the future for results


JUNE 2015

Tipsy & I headed to the NACA dog show where Tipsy & I picked up three more points towards her Canadian championship.  Tipsy is now sitting on 9 points !!  Baby Skittles made her baby puppy debut and won two Best baby puppy in breed wins.  Unfortunately due to the heat we did not show her in the baby puppy in group ring but she had a blast regardless!!


MAY 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday to Sarge, Rupert & Stanley from our Chili x Hayden Litter & Happy 2nd Birthday to Tipsy, Magnum, Echo, Jesse, Bogey and Inca from our Missy x JackJack litter.  

Happy 4th birthday to our Alaska litter kids ~ Chili x Odin.

Exciting health news to share.  Tipsy & Magnum went in for their OFA hip / elbow xrays and we're thrilled that they are both OFA GOOD and OFA Normal Elbows!!  Both girls are now fully health tested, with passing results on every test.



Our 'Candy' litter girls begin heading to their new homes!!!  Congratulations to Anne Smith of Alberta with her new girl Kahlua and Kerry Northcott of BC with her new girl Peaches.  



January 23, 2015 our babies arrived!!!  THREE GIRLS!!!!  

January 24, 2015  Dealer, foster girl Annie & I attended Pet Expo for the City of Edmonton booth and the girls had a wonderful time!!  Foster Girl Annie is definitely beginning to blossom and thrive on attention!!





Sterling & David Clarke headed down to the Red Deer show where Sterling picked up some Bonus points winning BEST OF WINNERS!!  He was also moved up to a special where he took Select one day and won a couple of Best puppy in Breed wins!!

Red Deer was our last show of the year as we went ahead with a repeat breeding of Gandalf x Missy in late November 2014!



Magnum, Tipsy & I attended the Golden retriever club heart / eye clinic in Edmonton where Tipsy & Magnum both had their Echocardiogram / heart clearances and both passed their Echos!!  Tipsy was also OFA prelim'd and came back Prelim OFA GOOD on her hips ; and Prelim OFA normal on her elbows!!  Positive health tests are always rewarding for a breeder!!

Sterling & David Clarke headed down to the BRCA dog show in Camrose where Sterling took Best of Winners for another three points to finish his Canadian CH!!!!  



August 3, 2014 ~ Dealer, Missy, Magnum, Sterling & I headed down to the Rottweiler Club of Canada Prairie Regional specialty in Calgary.  MUCH appreciation to my friend Rochelle for making the trip down with me and for the McINNIS family who own one of Dealer's sons Tchad in Calgary for EVERYTHING they did to assist us this weekend!!  First of all Mr Sterling went into the Junior Puppy class and won first in his class!!  Nothing further for Sterling.....even though he tried his best I think the heat of the day got to him a bit.  Dealer, Missy & Magnum all went into the specials ring and WOW, what an ABSOLUTE THRILL when our international judge Luis Pinto TEIXEIRA of Portugal gave our lovely Dealer the nod for BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW!!!  WOW!!  Missy also got recognized with an Award of Merit!!!  Much thanks to Penny Lewis for handling Dealer ; Elyse Fernets for handling Magnum ; and Michelle Gaudet for handling Magnum!

Sterling, Tipsy & I then attended the Edmonton Kennel club show where Tipsy picked up two more points towards her Canadian championship handled by Kim Cowie!!  And Mr Sterling picked up two more points going Best of Winners handled by Wes Larnie!!



Sterling & I headed to Cold Lake for their annual dog show where unfortunately he had only a specials bitch for competition.  Sterling & I did win his second BEST OF BREED win for a single point one show but nothing for the rest of the weekend.



Tipsy, baby Sterling & I attended the NACA dog show in Edmonton where Tipsy & I went Reserve Winner's Bitch each day of the show.  Baby Sterling also won Best Baby Puppy in Breed (over other baby puppy competition no less :) )

Sterling & I then headed up to the Grande Prairie Kennel club dog show in Grande Prairie where he picked up 5 points towards his championship owner / breeder handled including Sterling's FIRST BEST OF BREED WIN over specials competition from the Junior Puppy class.



We have a new addition to the pack ~ ANNIE ~ who came to us from the City of Edmonton Animal Care & Control after she wasn't claimed by her owners and wasn't deemed as adoptable by any of the rescues due to her atrocious manners!!  Thus far she is fitting in well and learning quickly!!!


Attended the Shetland Sheepdog Fancier's heart / eye clinic in Edmonton where we were incredibly pleased to get super eye clearances for another year on Dealer, Missy, Hayden, Sterling, Pivot, Abby, Tipsy & Magnum.  Also much appreciation to Linda Hoang-Rackel for bringing Stanley along who cleared as well!!  

Tipsy, Magnum, Dealer & I made our way to Prince Albert for the annual PAKOC dog show.  Extremely pleased to report that Magnum picked up 8 points towards her CKC championship handled by David Clarke and Tipsy picked up 4 points towards her championship owner / breeder handled.  Dealer & I rocked it however as my little superstar was owner / breeder handled by ME to three Best of Breed wins, a group 4 and my FIRST owner / breeder handled GROUP ONE!!  We drove home from the weekend on cloud 9!!!

Tipsy, Magnum, baby Sterling & I also headed to the BRCA dog show in Camrose where Magnum handily finished her canadian championship under the piloting of Natasha Taphorn.  Baby Sterling and I also won Best Baby Puppy in Group his first time in the ring under Judge Nancy Popowich.


Our Hayden x Indy litter is bred, due
2014 March 10



Our gorgeous Gandalf x Missy litter of one gorgeous girl and 2 stunning boys arrives!


Dealer heads to the Prince George dog show where she wins several Best of Opposites and Best of Breeds and some group placements.


Dealer wins several Best of Opposite and one Best of Breed win at the NACA dog show finishing her Canadian Grand Championship.  Dealer also heads down to the US where she picked up some more AKC GCH Points!

 Dealer & Caper head down to the Saskatoon Dog show where Dealer wins Best of Breed all weekend including at the Saskatoon Working / Herding specialty as well as several group placements and Caper comes along for fun and wins Best Veteran in specialty at the Saskatoon Working / Herding specialty.

 Dealer wins Best of Opposite all weekend at the Medicine Hat dog show and picks up more Grand champion points
Our two litters arrive:  3 strapping boys from Hayden x Chili ; and 4 lovely girls and 2 handsome boys from the JackJack x Missy litter.


Dealer returns to the ring at the Red Deer & District dog show and picks up three Best of Breed wins her first weekend back out as well as several Grand champion points.



November 17, 2012  Our Three Muskateer's litter arrives consisting of three boys.  




Missy (Onyxgold's Tomfoolery) ~ headed down to the US / Montana circuit where she picked up two 3 point major wins towards her AKC championship.





Dealer & Milton headed down to Portland Oregon for the Rose City Classic dog shows and we were pretty pleased that Dealer picked up all three of her US majors towards her Am Grand Championship title and 12 of the 25 points that she needs for her Am GCH!!!







Missy, Dealer & I headed down to the Red Deer show where we had a spectacular weekend. 
Dealer was handled by Milton and Tracy to three Best of Breed wins, and Missy was owner/breeder handled to three Winner's Bitch/Best of Winner's Wins and picked up 10 additional points, completing her Canadian championship!!!!



Dealer headed to the Camrose show where she won Best of Breed all weekend as well as a huge group 1 and group 2 wins!  Much thanks to Milton & Tracy for piloting her to these beautiful wins!




We headed down to Balgonie Saskatchewan for the six limited entry shows.  Miss Dealer showed like a star and picked up all 6 Best of Breed wins over specials competition and picked up three group 4 placements.  Baby Hera (Onyxgold's Salty Dawg) owned by Gord Jaworski made her Baby Puppy Debut and won 4 Best Baby Puppy in Breed placements, two Best Baby Puppy in Group wins, and one Reserve Best Baby Puppy in Show breeder handled.  Whew...what a long weekend for the baby!

Dealer and I then headed down to Helena Montana for the fall Montana shows to try to pick up some points towards her American Championship.  I am elated to report that Dealer won Winner's Bitch three more times to pick up two additional three point majors and one four point major to finish her American Championship with FIVE MAJORS!!!!!  Much thanks to Tiffany Skinner for the beautiful presentation of Dealer to her Championship!  





We attended the Edmonton Kennel Club show where Dealer won Best of Breed all 4 shows.  Missy made her dog show debut on Saturday and Sunday and picked up points on Saturday going Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners and picked up Reserve winners on Sunday.  Both Dealer and Missy also both picked up their Canine Good Neighbor titles on Saturday.  The star of the weekend however had to be Miss Brodie owned by Teresa Bissonnette who finished her Rally Advanced title with a High in Class.  Miss Brodie is more formally known as Onyxgold's Black Magic RN, RA.  I hear that a CD is their next goal.....GO GIRLS :)) 




Dealer headed off to the swift current shows where she picked up 4 Best of Breed wins and two Best of Opposite wins.  She also picked up three group placements, two group 3s and one group two.

Dealer headed off to the Alberta Kennel Club show where she won 2 Best of Breed wins and two Best of Opposite wins!




June 17, 2011 Eagle Rock Kennel Club show in Blackfoot Idaho, Jewel goes winner's bitch/Best of Winner's/Best of Opposite for a three point major to FINISH her American Championship!!  Much congratulations to Jewel's mom and co breeder Cynthia Ellis!!!!


June 3-6, 2011 Hayden, Dealer and I attended the Northern Alberta Canine Association show in Edmonton.  Dealer won Best of Breed 3 of the 4 shows and picked up a huge group one win under US judge Ralph "skip" Scoggins.  Hayden showed very nicely for me and picked up Best of Opposite 3 out of 4 shows and one Best Puppy win. 


Brodie ..... Onyxgold's Black Magic RN was successful shown by her owner Teresa to two legs towards her Rally Advanced title as well as picked up her CGN (Canine Good Neighbor Title).  Great work Brodie & Teresa!!!!




May 20-23, 2011  Dealer & Hayden travelled off to Regina with handlers extraordinaire Milton Lopes & Tracy Tuff.  Dealer picked up two Best of Breed wins (along with one Group 2 placement) and two Best of Opposite wins.  Hayden took Winner's Dog/Best of Winners/Best Puppy all weekend to finish his Canadian Championship in fine style at 8 months of age. 




April 2-4, 2011 Red Deer & District Kennel Club show, Dealer and Milton win Best of Breed all weekend long.  Baby Hayden makes his dog show debute and takes Reserve Winner's Dog both days in the ring!!

April 8-11, 2011 Renaissance Dog Show in Chilliwack BC & Rottweiler Club of Canada National Specialty

April 8, 2011
Dealer wins Best of Breed, Hayden wins his JP class and nothing further. 


April 9, 2011  Hayden wins JP class & Reserve winner's dog, Dealer's sister Jewel (Onyxgold's Crown Jewel) takes reserve winner's bitch. 


April 10, 2011  Dealer win's Best of Breed, Hayden win's his JP class and nothing further.  Jewel wins Winner's Bitch/Best of Winner's for a 5 point win all at the all breed show.   Hayden wins the JP male sweepstakes specialty class under Julie Wilcoxsen.  At the National Specialty, Hayden is second of 3 in the JP Male class, Jewel takes Winner's Bitch/Best of Winner's for a 5 point win to finish her Canadian Championship and Dealer takes first Award of Merit and Best Canadian Bred in Specialty. 


  April 11, 2011 Dealer takes Best of Breed and Hayden picks up his first points going Winner's Dog/Best of Winner's and Best Puppy for a 5 point win.  



March 25 - 27, 2011 - Camrose AB, Battle River Canine Association show,
Dealer and Milton win Best of Breed all weekend long




January 20-23, 2011 We were very excited to be able to fly down to the Rose City Classic dog show in Portland Oregon.  Dealer went Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners on Thursday for a single point under Judge Joyce Vanek.  Friday no placement however took the opportunity to do some health testing and everything looking positive.....hopefully OFA agrees!  Saturday Jewel went Winner's Bitch for a 3 point major and Dealer went Reserve.  Sunday Dealer took the 3 point major winning Winner's Bitch/Best of Winner's and Best of Opposite over 4 specials bitches.  Huge thanks to Milton Lopes and Tracy Tuff for their handling expertise!!  Last but certainly not least, Cajen has another titled kid coming with the new Rally Novice title earned by her son Brinks.









December 1, 2010  HUGE HAPPY Birthday to our ROYAL LITTER!!!!  So hard to believe that there are 2 year old Cajen babies !!!!  Sending out huge birthday hugs and kisses for :  Dealer, Abby, Neysa, Caryn, Storm, Bootes, Brinks, Jinx and Jewel!!!  We are so incredibly proud of these kids and their accomplishments in the past two years:

~~~ Dealer:  Canadian Champion, Best Puppy in Specialty show winner, Best of Opposite in Specialty Show, Multiple Best Puppy in Show wins and an Award of Merit Winner, AKC Major Pointed in the US!!
~~~Abby:  Canadian Champion
~~~Storm:  Canadian Champion
~~~Jewel:  AKC pointed, CKC pointed
~~~Brinks:  working hard on his obedience & rally 
~~~Bootes:  working hard on his obedience and carting
~~~Neysa:  beloved family companion
~~~Caryn:  beloved family companion




Weekend of November 26-28, 2010, we attended the Calgary Kennel & Obedience club show with Dealer and Indy.  Dealer won Best of Opposite all three shows while her cousin Indy won Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners under Virginia Lyne on Friday and Winner's Bitch on Saturday under Judge Valerie Gervais to become a NEW CHAMPION!!!!  Indy was breeder handled to all of her points at a total of 2 show weekends!!!  Congratulations to Indy's owners Bob & Dorothy of Cold Lake.  Indy is the first champion for her momma Caper!!!


Weekend of Nov 5-7, 2010 Milton and Dealer had an excellent weekend at the Red Deer and District Kennel Club shows winning a hat trick of back to back Best of Breeds and picking up a group 2 and a group 4 in a very strong working dog group!!




October 23, 2010  Happy First Birthday to our Cajen x Nash Sweet Treats litter.....Rocco, Brodie, Palmer, Hazel, Raffy and Sugar!!

October 22, 23, 2010
Dealer wins Best of Opposite and Best of Breed at the Camrose show for the two days that she was shown.  Cajen's daughter Brodie with mom Teresa started and finished their Rally Novice title getting some excellent scores including one 99.  Congratulations to Teresa and Brodie ~~Onyxgold's Black Magic RN!!

                           October 14-17, 2010
Chili and Dealer and I made the big trip down to Boise Idaho to attend the 4 day AKC all breed show in Boise.  Under the skillful handling of US handler Shea Skinner, Chili finished her American Championship on



October 16, 2010 by winning Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex over specials for a 4 point major.   The girls and I then attended a cardiac clinic where both girls passed their OFA cardiac exams.  On October 17, 2010 Dealer was handled by Shea Skinner to a 3 point major win, winning Winner's Bitch for her first US points!




Sept 10-12, 2010 Dealer wins Best of Breed all weekend at the Skaha Kennel Club show in Osoyoos, BC.


September 10, 2010 Dealer and Milton did the Skaha Kennel Club show in Osoyoos BC where Dealer won Best of Breed over two much older specials males



September 5-7, 2010 Chili and Milton did the Saskatoon Kennel & Obedience Club show in Saskatoon winning Best of Breed all weekend long and picking up one group 3 placement.


September 6, 2010  HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our A litter pups.  Caper, Cajen, Triton, Dennis, Brandy, Baldr, Heathro, Elvis, Jake, Nuclear, & Boomer.  As well forever in our thoughts waiting at the bridge, Baran & Tia. 






August 28, 2010 St. Croix Kennel Club show in Minnesota Chili and Penny take Winner's bitch for her second US major.  Chili is now coming home sitting on 14 US points and having both her majors in hand!!


Chili and handler Penny Lewis made the big trip down to the US where she picked up 2 more points going Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners each show on the August 14, & 15th, 2010 show weekend in Minnesota at the Kennel Club of Freeborn County shows.  Chili also picked up 3 more points the following weekend of August 20-22, 2010 in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club and Marshfield Area Kennel Club shows.  She is currently sitting on 10 US points including one major,  in 7 days of showing in the United States.






July 2,3,4, 2010 Dealer and I headed out to the Cold Lake shows in Alberta where Dealer won Best of Breed in 5 of the 6 shows.   She also picked up one Group 4 and one Group 3 win!!   I also had the opportunity to show Indy (Onyxgold's Grand Prix) who is now living outside of Cold Lake with her family and she won Winner's Bitch in 3 of the shows as well as one Best of Breed win and one Best Puppy in Group.  Indy pulled in 6 points towards her Canadian Championship in one weekend breeder handled!!




June 26 & 27, 2010 Chili and Dealer and I showed at the Alaska Kennel Club all breed show in Anchorage Alaska where Dealer won the Bred By class both days and Chili won the Open Bitch class both days.  Chili was awarded Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners under Judge Robert Whitney for a 3 point major and won Winner's Bitch under Judge Elaine Whitney the next day for 2 more points.  Chili picked up 5 US points her first trip into the US.  We're very pleased how both girls did!!  

June 19, 2010 Chili & Dealer and I made the big trip to Anchorage Alaska to show in the Rottweiler Club of Alaska Specialty show.  Chili went 4th out of 5 bitches in the open bitch class handled by Amanda Ashmore and Dealer and I won the Bred By Class and also won Best Bred By in Specialty.  

June 12 & 13, 2010 Chili & Dealer and I ventured up to the Whitehorse Yukon shows where I had each girl entered 2 of the 4 shows.  Dealer and I won Best of Breed and a Group 4 under Judge Donna Cole and Chili and I picked up one Best of Opposite.


June 4 - 7, 2010 NACA show, Dealer has another great weekend winning Best of Breed all 4 shows with a large rottweiler entry!!




May 14-16, 2010
Medicine Hat Kennel & Obedience Club
Dealer has another Hat Trick weekend winning Best of Breed all weekend long as well as picking up a nice Group 2 placement



April 30-May 2, 2010 HCKOC Show in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Chili has a HAT TRICK weekend, winning Best of Breed all weekend long and picking up two Group 2 placements and one Group 3 placement!!!   




April 25, 2010 Cajen's kids south of the border have been doing very well we hear!!  Cajen's daughter Jewel (Onyxgold's Crown Jewel) attended the Lewiston Idaho shows between April 23 -25/10 and in those three days of showing won Winner's bitch / Best of Opposite on Friday, Winner's Bitch on Saturday and Winner's Bitch / Best of Winners on Sunday.  Jewel is now sitting at 6 points towards her AKC CH.  Congratulations Cynthia and Jewel!!!  Cajen's son Palmer (Onyxgold's Simply Irresistable) showed all three days as well and finished 2nd in his class each day to a much older puppy however showed very well for a puppy of 6 months. 

April 24, 2010 Miss Hazel makes the big journey south where she is the beloved new pet to Alan.  Best wishes to them both in all future ventures!!!

And we have heard that Cajen's son Brinks has been doing excellently in Oregon with his owner Cyndi and the two of them have done both a herding clinic as well as a tracking clinic, and have done very very well in their classes!!!  We're very pleased to hear that Brinks sounds like a quick study and has been very versatile!!!


April 16-18th, 2010  Onyxgold Rottweilers once again had a great showing on both sides of the border.
Here in Edmonton, Dealer has a HAT TRICK weekend with a very large entry of 18 rottweilers winning BEST OF BREED all weekend long!!!!  Abby got nothing but better as the weekend progressed, initially taking second place out of three 12-18 month bitches on Friday, winning the class on Saturday, and winning her class as well as WINNERS BITCH and BEST OF WINNERS on Sunday for a 4 point win to finish her CHAMPIONSHIP.  Abby is another first for Onyxgold Rottweilers given that she was totally and completely owner/breeder handled to every point of her championship!!!! Abby as well finished her championship in a total of 2 weekends out!! Our thanks and appreciation to Sherry for allowing us to show Caper's son Lennox this weekend as well.  Lennox showed very well for me but just isn't as mature as some of the other boys are !! 

At the Moses Lake Washington show on April 17 and 18th, Cajen's daughter Jewel was owner/breeder handled by Cynthia Ellis to another 2 AKC points as she took Winner's bitch both days!!!  Congratulations!!!!





March 27 & 28, 2010 at the Peninsula Kennel Club show in Bremerton Washington Cajen's kids owned by Cynthia Ellis did very well.  Cajen's son Bootes won the 12-18 month class both days, while her daughter Jewel won the 12-18 month bitch class both days taking reserve winners bitch under Judge Roger Hartinger; and won winner's bitch under Judge Donna Buxton for her first US points!!!  Congratulations Cynthia!!

March 27-29, 2010 at the Battle River Canine Association show in Camrose, AB Dealer well exceeded our expectations, taking Best of Breed and a Group 4 placement in a tough working group under Judge Lowell Davis on Sunday, and winning Best of Breed under Judge Margaret Jones on Monday.  According to the Best Dog in Canada statistics, this ONE show weekend puts Dealer as the #4 rottweiler in Canada (all breed) and the #1 rottweiler bitch in Canada (all breed).  Given that Dealer is so young at only 15 months old, she has definitely far exceeded my expectations as she will only be shown sporadically this year as she has much maturing to do!!






December 1, 2009   HUGE Happy Birthday wishes for our Royal Litter!!!!  Here is sending out kisses and hugs to Brinks and Bootes, and the girls Jinx, Caryn, Neysa, Storm, Jewel, Abby and Dealer!!! 




Dealer goes on a whirlwind trip of dog shows in the Maritimes picking up several Best of Breed wins , Best of Opposite wins and undefeated for Best Puppy.  She also picked up two Best Puppy in Group wins in Moncton as well as another Best Puppy in Group win in Ontario.   The highlight of course, of her trip was her picking up an Award of Merit, Best of Opposite in Specialty Show, and Best Puppy in Specialty Show at the Ontario Regional Rottweiler specialty under English judge Michael Quinney.   We're thrilled that she's now coming home to mature a bit more before coming out again in the future.






October 23/09 The Cajen x Nash puppies arrive!!!!

October 23-25, 2009  We attended the Camrose show where I had the privilege of showing Storm all weekend long.  She went Winner's Bitch/Best of Winner's Friday and Sunday; and Winner's Bitch on Saturday.  Storm is now formally known as
Can CH Onyxgold's Royal Storm.  Much thanks to her owner's Sean and Tyler for entrusting her to me for the weekend as well much thanks to our good friend Roberta for bringing her to Camrose from Regina for me!!!  Dealer went Best of Breed / Best puppy on Friday; only best puppy on Saturday; and Best of Opposite/Best Puppy on Sunday!!




September 18-20, 2009  Prairie Canine Association in Balgonie, Saskatchewan

Friday under Judge Ann Hennigan Dealer wins Best of Breed, Group 1, and Best Puppy in Group, under Judge Wayne Thompson
Dealer wins Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Group and her third Best Puppy in Show.  Abby made her show debut but unfortunately didn't place either show.

Saturday Dealer sat out due to a lacerated paw, Abby showed fantastic for me, winning Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite, and Best Puppy under both judges.  

Sunday Dealer showed again and went Best of Opposite/Best Puppy under both judges as well as Best Puppy in Group under Judge Donna Cole; Abby continued to show consistently for me winning Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners under one of the judges, and Winner's bitch (as there was no male competition) under the second Judge.  Abby had a wonderful weekend accumulating 8 points towards her championship!!  Whoo hoo!!!! 


Sept. 6, 2009  HAPPY 5th Birthday to our 'A' Litter!



Aug 5, 2009  HAPPY 3rd Birthday to our Blast litter.  Would love to see some photo updates!!!

Aug 17, 2009 Our
Caper x Deutsch litter finally arrives, late but safe and sound.  6 healthy puppies, 5 girls and one boy!!

Aug 21-23, 2009 Yorkton dog show, Cajen's daughter
Storm (aka Onyxgold's Royal Storm) owned by Tyler and Sean Chiddenton, has a spectacular debute show weekend taking Winner's bitch, all 6 shows from the Junior puppy class, also winning Best of Winners at both shows on Sunday as well as Best puppy in Group.  Sitting her on 8 points towards her championship in one weekend!!!!  WOW, I am a happy grandma!!!!!


July 3, 2009 under Judge T. Nesbitt in Vernon, BC, Penny & Dealer took Winner's bitch, Best of Winners, AND Best of Breed and Best puppy to finish her championship. 

July 4, 2009 in Vernon, BC, Penny and Dealer had another fantastic day!!!  As her first day of being a specials female she and Penny once again won Best of Breed and Best Puppy, and then won Best Puppy in Group under Judge Tom Alexander.  We were elated to later learn that under US Judge Elliott Weiss of Idaho, Penny and baby Dealer took top puppy honors by winning Best Puppy in Show.  Our huge gratitude to Penny for helping baby Dealer look her finest in the ring!!  We have high hopes for this baby who already appears to be following in her mummy's pawprints!!

July 10-12, 2009 Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club, we had a super busy weekend!!

First off on Friday at the all breed show,
Cajen won Best of Opposite, and baby Dealer won Best Puppy.  At the RCC Nationals Sweepstakes under Judge Laura Rosinski, baby Dealer won Best in Sweepstakes for the Juvenile Class; and Cajen won Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes in the Breeders Class.  Very proud of my two girlies!!

Saturday at the All breed show, baby Dealer won Best of Opposite and Best Puppy.  Despite showing WONDERFULLY none of our dogs placed at the 2009 RCC National specialty.

Sunday found Chili and Cajen both earning their TT titles at the Temperament Testing, both being very pronounced in the aggressive stranger portion of the test.  Cajen sat out the All Breed show however Chili and Dealer went in.  Chili went BOS and baby Dealer took Best Puppy.  Dealer and Penny then went back and took Best Puppy in Group!!! 

July 17-19, 2009
We made the LONG journey to the Prince George and District Kennel Club shows and had yet another great weekend.  First off we showed Dyna all 6 shows and she picked up 4 Reserve Winner's Bitch placements and one Winner's bitch/ Best of Winners win for an additional two points.  Baby
Dealer was shown all 6 shows and went Best Puppy all 6 shows despite strong puppy competition and Best of Opposite in 4 of the shows.  Dealer also picked up an additional 3 Best Puppy in Group wins, much thanks to judges Cece Ringstrom, Martin Doherty, and Tom Alexander, as well as a second thrilling Best Puppy in Show win under Judge Tom Alexander.  We were additionally thrilled as he remembered giving momma Cajen one of her BPIS wins and his lovely comments as to how similar he felt that Dealer was to her momma.  Cajen joined her daughter in the ring for only one of the shows with me on the lead and took Best of Opposite. 

July 18, 2009  HUGE HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY wishes to our
HEAT litter.  Hugs and kisses out to Chili, Taser, Cadan, Caleb, and Pyro!!!!


July 31 - Aug 3, 2009  Alberta Kennel Club show ~~ Penny and Dealer show all weekend winning one Best of Opposite win and all 4 Best puppy wins.




June 5-8, 2009 We attended the NACA dog show in Edmonton, AB and had a wonderful time despite the horridly cold/rainy conditions..YIKES!!  At least the dogs weren't overheating like last year!!  Baby Dealer showed all 4 days and won her class each day, and taking two Reserve winners bitch placements, and taking her first Winner's bitch 2 point win, owner/breeder handled, and two Best puppy in breed placements ~~she exceeded my wildest expectations for a puppy of her age!!  Caper was entered Friday and Saturday picking up Best of Opposite on Friday only.  Cajen was entered Sunday and Monday and given that she isn't in the best of shape, astounded me by taking Best of Opposite on Sunday and Best of Breed on Monday.  Huge Thanks to Penny for the great work in the ring with Cajen and a couple of times with baby Dealer!!

June 6-7 Cajen's daughter
Jewel (Onyxgold's Crown Jewel) was owner/breeder handled by Cynthia Ellis at the Puyallup Dog Fanciers show in Washington state to two Reserve Winners Bitch placements.  

June 26-28, 2009  Baby Dealer and I made our way up to the Grande Prairie Kennel Club show and she showed wonderfully for me.  She was entered all 6 limited entry shows and picked up both Winner's bitch wins on Friday for a total of 4 points, picked up 2 points Saturday morning by going Winner's Bitch / Best of Opposite (over a specials bitch), and 1 point Saturday afternoon going Winner's bitch.  Both shows Sunday she went Reserve Winner's.  She also went Best Puppy all 6 shows.  Very proud of this baby who is now sitting on 9 points after only two show weekends and isn't even 7 months old yet.....all points breeder/owner handled no less!!  We got some lovely compliments from our judges this weekend as well!!


May 15/09 Caper does a fantastic job at the ground breaking ceremony for the new City of Edmonton Animal Control and Care center helping local politicians dig the first hole.  Caper makes the local news and newspapers!!


May 16-18 Dealer and I attend the Steve White (i2ik9) Urban Tracking Seminar in Stony Plain AB.  This puppy is a hard surface tracking natural.  We hope to build upon her skills in the future!! Huge thanks to the Edmonton Working Dog Club for putting together such a great seminar!!


May 24/09  HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to the joy of our world, our foundation Miss Jenna also fondly known as 'Beans'.  She has very much taken to her full retirement and spends her days being the 'fun police' to her new grand puppies and showing them the fine art of squirrel hunting, mousing and digging mole holes!!




We finally receive confirmation of
Cajen's Grand Champion status with the Canadian Kennel Club. 

Chili had a great weekend at the Edmonton Kennel Club show picking up 2 best of breeds and one best of opposite wins, as well as her first group placement, winning a Group 3 in quite a strong working group under Judge Rosemary Shoreman.  Our huge thanks to all the hard work by Penny Lewis as Chili can be a handful when she choses to be :0)!!


Our new website is launched much thanks to Kristi Fraser for all the design and hard work she has put into the site!!

We receive
Cajen's invitation to the American Rottweiler Club TOP TWENTY COMPETITION, what an honor given that she was only in the US for a short time in 2008.



Royal litter has pretty much ventured all into their new homes with the exception of our two keepers Abby & Dealer whom you can visit on their own pages!!


Chili wins Best of Opposite both days shown at the Alberta Kennel Club winter shows!  The third day she 'decided' not to show much to our chagrin!!



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